One of the intelligent races of Denil.

Physical Description

A sea dwelling creature, the Egot-krlla resemble large glowing blue jellyfish with eight octoti-like tentacles that they use for manipulation and catching and eating food. On top of them they have four eyestalks that they use to see the sea around them. They can stay above water for around a local day at a time, but no longer than that.

Like their forest neighbors, they have limited telepathy that only extends to their neighbors, the Forest. They have a length of 3 to 4 meters and can live up to 500 years.

Every local winter, most go into a state of hibernation for the coldest parts of the winter. Some stay and guard the hibernation cave from local predators.


They are, thanks to the influence of the Forest, they are more peaceful than they once were. They were once a violent people until the Elder Trunk burrowed into the ocean floor and discovered them. They are now at peace with one another but not spiritual like the Forests.

They have a technology level nearly equivalent to that of the 18th century Europe. They have discovered how to live on land through artificial means, giving them the ability to colonize many of the landlocked seas they could never get to.

Because of the telepathic link between them, they are united in a perfectly equal society. They have no leaders.

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