Inhabitants of Ikusos

Physical Description

They resemble large manta rays. They have the ability to fly for a brief period of time above the water. They have two tails which they use in place of hands.

They can store water inside themselves and use it to blast out of the water when they fly. They have two eyes, a mouth on their underside, something that resembles a blowhole on top of their bodies (they breath air like dolphins).

They have three sexes, male, female and breeding class. The males and females place their reproductive material inside the breeders who then wait for the eggs to be laid. There are breeding grounds where the breeders lay the eggs in a selected spot and wait to have them hatch. They have a lifespan of 50 to 70 years.


As their world is interconnected by water, the Ehippolor are currently united under a council of sorts, three people, a female, male and a breeder. They do have a concept of marriage only it’s a union of all three sexes.

They are very affectionate and forgiving. They are willing to give humans rides and love to talk to any human. As of 10000 they are as advanced as mid to late 21st century Earth and they’ve claimed to be nearly able to create a Warp Drive of their own. 

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