Ekabiun is one of the oldest sentient species which has emerged after the star that they call "sun" formed only 1.5 billion years. They like a cold environment at about -194°C. When the space exploration era arrived, they start to explore the space but discovered nothing except blue supergiant placed all over the galaxy. They found a very tiny amount of planets equal to fewer resources. That amount of resources worth nothing for travel to nearby systems.

They can travel to other galaxies. But all are the same as their home galaxy, which makes them stuck at a type 3.99 civilization. That level of technology, they can build new rocky planets from hydrogen and helium which is common, by fusion them into heavier elements such as carbon oxygen silicon iron gold ... 

A billion years later. The great war happens due to the government unstable. The war makes Ekabiun civilization collapsed. But they leave the technology for the future civilization to develop them.


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