Eki (HIP 82200 in SE is a star system mostly colonized by the Basque people. Eki is a K2 V orange dwarf named after the Basque Sun Goddess. The system has 10 planets, and several small bodies such as comets. The planets are, in order from closest to farthest to Eki, are Aatxe, Herensuge, Odei, Iratxoak, Tartalo, Mari, Gaueko, Sorginak, Jentilak, and Lurbira.



Aatxe is the closest planet to Eki, being a hot D-class world before terraforming. Aatve has two large moons, Etsai and Errenteria, as well as captured asteroids called Erge, Aatxegorri, Isturits, and Sare.

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