El'Ora, commonly nicknamed as Lilac by Humans, is a very saturated and colorful planet located in the outer-reaches of the Sa'Kian system. El'Ora is most famously known for its decorative properties, which it gained in the 23rd millennium.


El'Ora used to be a small and frigid ice planet, with no notable features. As a result, it was thinly populated, as well as looked over in many situations. The only population of El'Ora were scientists, looking for traces of life. Even those people didn't last long on El'Ora, making it equivalent to Sedna or Haumea in popularity.

El'Ora, for most of its modern existence, has had little to no inhabitants across all of its surface. A theorized underground sea was also absent, making it all the more featureless. Many mining corporations took advantage of this, and illegally strip mining the surface underneath. Once its small amount of resources was exhausted in the 10 millennium, there was no activity on its surface for many years at a time.

When the Commonwealth was initially created, the new government decided to shine some light to the husk of a world. Many government officials paid travelers and tourists to live on El'Ora, similar to how Humans would pay people to live in the barren lands of the Klondike back in the 2nd Millennium, or Haumea in more modern instances. This made El'Ora have a constant stream of inhabitants, and an overall population of 50 million.

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