The Elcano Galaxy, also known as NGC 6376, is a Hubble Type "Sc" Spiral Galaxy, located in Herschel Space, in the Draco's Core Cluster, in the Constellation of Draco as seen from Earth. It was discovered by Lewis A.Swift on the 1st September 1886 for Humanity.

The Galaxy space belongs to different Lewis Nations. Most of it is divided between two nation: the Empire of Mankind and the United Alliance. To a much lesser extend, the Intergalactic Federation dominates about a seventh of the Galaxy, a small area known as the Elcano Federal sector in the Outer Rim.

The name was taken from the famous Basque-Spanish Explorer "Juan Sebastián Elcano", the first man to circumnavigate the Globe, and substitute Magellan after he died in the Philippines in the 16th century after an attack from local tribes. Elcano was the Second on board in the Expedition and after Magellan's death, he took control over as the Captain, sailing from the Philippines to Spain, touring around South east Asia, India, West Africa, Southern Africa and the Guinea Gulf before finally reaching Europe. The Expedition made him a rich man for the rest of his live. He was sent on several mission afterwards as an expert sailor. And much later, was sent on a second mission to circumnavigate the globe dying in the coast of India.


Exploration of the Galaxy began from the Lewis Galaxy by Imperial Scientists but the curiosity and investigation of it was carried from a far distance. When other Lewis Nations where born and started their own Space Programs, they also looked and investigate the galaxy from afar. It wasn't until 122 009 CE that the First serious exploration of the Galaxy took place by Imperial efforts. Several probes were sent to the Galaxy to collect information. In 122,103 CE, the United Alliance also join actively the exploration of the Galaxy sending its own probes to other areas unexplored by Imperial Scientists.

Soon, the race to claim this Galaxy between both nations began. The Empire sent its first tripulated vessels to the system in 122,199 CE and landed in several planets, claiming ownership of vast areas of the Elcano Galaxy for the Empire, before coming back. The United Alliance, in 122,221 CE launched its own tripulated mission, and claimed a vast area of the Galaxy as well.

The Intergalactic Federation makes its first appearance by 122,228 CE, sending investigation probes from a nearby galaxy. Soon after in 122,234CE, the U.A send its first colonization Ship, landing in Planet Fildias, and founding the first effective human colony in the Elcano Galaxy. By 122,238 CE, the Empire sent its colony ships founding Sobek. By 122,240 CE the Intergalactic Federation had send their own tripulated vessels to the Galaxy and by 122,264, colony ships settled planet Hermes in the Outer Rim, and expanded illegally over a small nearby area who was claimed by the Empire and the U.A. Hermes soon became among the most populated planets in the Galaxy due to the I.F having control over a small concentrated space flocked by Federal settlers.

In 122,455 CE, A summit between the U.A, the Empire and the I.F took place on the Moon of Eia, to set the borders of the Elcano Galaxy between these Nations. The Outer Rim arm was given to the I.F (14% of the Galaxy), while the rest of the Galaxy was equally splitted between the Empire and the United Alliance (with 43% for each).

Alien Civilizations

The Galaxy was home of a very advanced race, called the Jeket. They inhabited most of what is today the Imperial Space of the Galaxy. They settled several worlds before going extinct after an unknown event that is still under investigation. The Jeket were a very mysterious race that used ritual sacrifices to a myriad of gods. They seem to have been a very theocratic nation that existed somewhere between 3,500,000 BC and 1,600,000 Bc. They seem to have gone through a War against some other Extragalactic Nation that they called the "Ojket". It has been theorized that they were taken as slaves by them or destroyed. Other think that their religious practiced were the cause of their downfall, joined by the war against these extragalactic beings. The Ojket seem to have been what is known to Lewisians as the Vemex Civilization.

The Korkas Civilization is the only native intelligent species to remain in the Elcano Galaxy. They are located within the United Alliance Space of the Galaxy. After some negotiation, they have been integrated into the U.A. They are a peaceful sophisticated nation. Although very old, they reproduce at a very slow rate, what has limited their expansion into the Galaxy. Nevertheless, their lives are also quite long as well.

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