Eldrum, also known as Eldrum Base, is a small I-Class dwarf planet located in Galvania about 56 million light years from Earth. It is one of six planets in the star system and the only dwarf planet without any moons. Just like its planetary brothers, it is around 2.4 billion years old.


For millions of years during its formation, Eldrum endured a haelstrom of asteroid strikes, forming the craters that are still seen today. It was more volcanically active before it was flung out into the outer edge of its star system, freezing solid as it experienced chilling temperatures. Eldrum has no atmosphere, leaving its surface exposed to cosmic radiation and the solar wind.

The dwarf planet currently serves as a military base for the Taans, who colonised it in 121195 CE. For thousands of years, it was the command center for all military operations. Early in Eldrum's morning on 131428 CE, the lonely world was attacked the Hael Republic, which decimated the Taans military force. The attack was immediately followed by a declaration of war on the Haels.

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