Eli(El-e)[RS 3149-287-7-957199-141 4] is a Temperate E-Class World, Home to the Species of vinea

sapiens(Wise Vine), also known as the Arborami.


Eli is a Temperate E-Class World, with A Very Large Moon, very close. Temperatures on the surface reach below freezing. However, because of the planet's massive axial tilt of over 45 degrees, the planet experiences massive heat fluctuations; Therefor, this below freezing effect is only felt above the frost line of the planet.


The dominant species on Eli is the Arborami, a plant-based species. Arborami are structured similar to how a flower would, but with a deadly catch. During the winter, when water and sunlight are at their least, to keep nutrients, Arborami will use the scent of the flower on their head to lure prey to them. In fact, this scent can be double edged, used to keep children out of danger, but can also lure predators or trap enemies.

Arborami are Omnivores, but will change their diet depending on the current conditions. During times in an expedition in space, when light is low, watch out; they may eat you to stay alive. Most Arborami refrain from this, but some think its just part of life. During more sunny times, Arborami consume sunlight, and sometimes, bugs and small insects.

Arborami culture is the main driving force of the civilization. about 1/3 of Arborami relate to a religion, and do not stray far from it. Arborami, depending if they stick to beliefs, can live up to 50 years naturally. However, if they stray from strong belief, then their life is extended much farther, up to 175 years. Arborami are mostly born in triplets and quadruplets, and reach adult-hood between their 20th and 24th year.

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