Eliptis is a large J-Class planet orbiting an unstable O-type star in the Galvania galaxy about 56 million light years from Earth. It is the largest planet in the star system and hosts the largest number of moons. The planet and its moons currently serve as Taan colonies.


The planet is only 1.5 million years old, with a projected lifespan of 2 million years - before its star goes supernova. Like all star systems, it formed from a disk of dust and gas that surrounded its infant sun. Despite its vast distance from the O-type star, its temperatures average at around 364.5 C.

Since 121203 CE, the United Kingdoms of Basaten established a colony within Eliptis' atmosphere. Within a century, its temperate terra and desert moons were settled too. The colonies became a huge influence on the Kingdoms' economy and witnessed a population explosion as immigrants flocked to the developing cities. 

Its major role in the Kingdoms' economy made the planet and its moons fall victim to heavy orbital bombardment during the Galvanian War.

Its largest moon is an extremely hot desert world, where only a handful of scientists work to study the moon's climate and atmosphere. The calm climates on the two terran moons, Edos and Gaado, allowed for better colonisation. The furthest moon is a warm oceanic world with a vast ring system.

Battle of Eliptis

In the opening months of the Galvanian War, the Hael Republic targeted Eliptis and planned an invasion of the star system. The invasion never took place, as Taan and Hael forces fought for supremacy in Eliptis' moon system.

Edos and Gaado endured decades of orbital bombardment, as Hael star cruisers destroyed government and economic buildings. Millions of Taans were evacuated from both moons. Despite the war efforts, the Taans temporarily lost control over the star system. The Hael Republic announced its first victory against the Kingdoms.

The fighting raged on for decades. During the battle, a distressed soldier sent out an SOS signal into intergalactic space before being killed by an explosion. The Intergalactic Confederacy recieved the signal, but weeks of tedious debate went on before they voted on military intervention in Galvania. A coalition force was launched and ambushed the Haels at Eliptis. The ninenty year-long battle took an unexpected turn and Taan victory seemed inevitable.


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