The Elite Nora, Often nicknamed as The Soldier or The Nora by members of the Alliance, is a trans-boreal and intergalactic nation. The Elite Nora is a nation who focuses primarily on its military and defense, as well as technological growth and development. There are many locations of the Elite Nora, which are completely urbanized. The most notable of which is their home galaxy, Nora-Ced`LokoThis area is the absolute location of the Elite Nora's populous. Many businesses reside in this galaxy and are usually nearby the Noran homeworld of Nora-I.

The Elite Nora is primarily known for its military and territorial policies, as well as their relative brute nature. This has helped shifted the Alliance of Five to be a more authoritative and militant alliance, which protects the inner nations well. Nations like The Seekers and the Sowa Galactic Empire have been practically morphed from a more catering personality to a more defensive mentality over millennia.

With the relatively large size of 15,000 galaxies, the Elite Nora the largest nation in the 7-L Cluster. This has made them take on an administrative and protective position. As an outcome of their tremendous power in the 7-L Cluster, they have vowed to protect every other nation in the 7-L Cluster. These may include planet-states or large nations like the Sowa Intergalactic Entente. This attribute has hugely helped the Alliance of Five during The Exhumation, where the Elite Nora is contributing considerably to the war effort.

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