Elithia as seen from space. Like Nithia, it has a green atmosphere.

Elithia (RS 8409-2271-7-367220-1587 B4 in beta patch 5)is a temperate E-Class planet found 38,142 light years from Earth. It is among one of the rare type of planets in the Milky Way that have a green atmosphere.

It is the homeworld of the Eyxiens, a mid-Type I civilization. They have explored beyond their homeworld for nearly 5,200 years since the 4800's. They have an entire network of satellites throughout their solar system, providing a solar system-wide faster-than-light Internet.


Elithia was discovered in 2043 but Humanity had no knowledge of an alien civilization. Humanity gained interest in the planet again 8763 when a manned mission was sent to the planet to make a new colony there. Humanity had accidently stumbled upon an alien civilization and immediately became part of the Confederacy of Humanity.

Elithia is only 21 light years from Nithia. Both planets form the Greenworlds Interstellar Alliance (abbreviated as GIA).


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