Eloys are sentient photosyntetic floaters from Salvia,Mirabilis system,Sombrero galaxy. Eloys have no concept of sex, they are reproducing themselves through binary fission like bacteria.

Eloy biology

Eloys first appear on Salvia 3 billions year ago. Eloys resembles giant hot air ballons, having chambers which capture gases from their gas giant planet's atmosphere to stand endessly airbone. They have a decentralized nervous system, having multiple brains embedded in a thick membrane. Their metabolism is extremely slow, giving them a lifespan of 100,000 earth years. Eloys use electrical signals to defend against predators and to comunicate.

Eloy society

Eloys are extremely individualistic and solitary. It can take a millenia for two eloys to meet each others. For this reason their technology have progressed extremely solely. An instinct to invent new thinks drive them. When two or more Eloys meet they trade in their innovations and ideas,this have led to a technology level comparable to 21st century humans now. Religion is unknown to Eloys. There are plans to colonize Pagoma. They have some form of genetic memory.

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