"The Emerald world, the Gem of the Empire and the Holy seat of our nation founding grounds. A beacon of sophistication and civilization in the Galaxy. The Capital of the Nation equals in beauty to our sacred Earth" — Senator Maes Prim

Elpida is a Terran World, and the capital of the Empire of Mankind. Its alongside Mitra and Pax, one of three founding planets, and one of the three capitals of the former nation. The planet holds the Executive power of the Empire, hosting the Imperial Palace and the Imperial Senate. These buildings are among the biggest in the Empire, being propably the Imperial palace the biggest building in the entire nation.

Being one of the three founding members of the Empire, the planet is consider not only the capital of the Empire, but the center of the national identity and the main cultural center of the country. Here can be found the remains of the first colonist, the founding fathers of the nation, being ingrained in the hearts of all the Empire citizens. Elpida is compared to Earth, being both equally appreciated and having a special place in the souls of all the Humans across the Empire.

Elpida is located in the Imperium system. It was named as such by the Emperor Kador III. It was known in the past as Anthropos System, as it was the seat of the Old Republic of Anthropos, made of Elpida and its former colonies, that would later be known as the Empire.

Most of the Emperors have being born in this planet and have made Elpida their homes and seat of power. It is considered by all citizens and ingrained in the Empire culture, that all Emperors to be consider as such, have to be crown in Elpida, under the Dome of a Thousands Stars.

Remains of the old days and history of the nation can be found throughout all regions of Elpida. Not only from the Empire's past, but from the Republic and the Colony Era. This is the main reason why millions of Citizens travel to Elpida to admire the greatness of the founding forefathers of the country, among other landmarks and attractive sites in the Planet.


Elpida has four main continents: Meltarna, Ashara, Bira and Golka. The most important ones in terms of population, economy and importance are Meltarna and Ashara. This two continents are they hold the Imperial City where the Imperial palace is located and the Imperial Senate.

  • Meltarna is a lush continent, full of verdant plains and forested terrain. Its the biggest of all the Continents in Elpida and holds the Imperial City and the Imperial Palace.
  • Ashara is mild and lush but holds some the of the most beautiful mountains and landmarks in the planet. This continent Holds the Imperial Senate.
  • Bira is hot and selvatic, with its coast having a milder climate to the south and the north, similar to the Mediterranean found on earth.
  • Golka is quite cold in the north and mild in the south and center and is not very populated. The Highest mountains in the planet are located here. The Continent is a calm oasis in Elpida, where most senators and even the Emperor and its family retreat from time to time.


  • Colony

Elpida was colonised by five colony ships carrying up to 200 million human beings. The departure population was 40 million people per ship. Most of the Colonist were of Caucasian origin, with slight populations of East Asian and Indian origin. The Colonist were Anarians, coming from the world of Anar. After the events of the Anarian Fever of 72,120 CE, that ravage the planet's population, the survivors left the Confederacy after discontent grew among the settlers due to bad treatment received by the authorities during the plague.

The Colonist grew very discontent with issues back home, in the Confederacy of Borealis and looked up for a new beginning using the Hyperdrive technology. Scientist looked for a suitable home and found out a planet suitable for human life. In 72,166 CE, five ships departed for this world, located in the Lewis Galaxy. The system was named Anthropos (Human) and the Habitable Planet, Elpida, meaning "Hope" in ancient greek, as it was in search of hope that they were forced to leave their planet.

Here, the colonist soon spread and settled all over the planet. Settlements were quickly founded and soon became cities in all rights. The government was set in a Republic fashion, called the Republic of Elpida in the first stages of the planet's history.

  • Republic of Anthropos
Elpida Location 2-0

The location of Elpida in the Lewis Galaxy.

The planet set up in motion population growth programs. And soon the population reached 4 billion. New planets had been discovered nearby by Elpidan scientist and the colonisation of them soon began. The first two colonies were built in Mitra and Pax.

Population growth kept going and Mitra and Pax soon became well populated planets and other colonies started to follow. The Republic had to consider its status and was renamed Republic of Anthropos (or republic of Mankind in ancient greek). Two parties rose to power during these early days. The Yellow Haras Party and the Purple Thonan party.

The parties had been escalating in tensions and economic power and influence, to the point it was no longer sustainable, and both parties wage war against each other creating the First Civil War. The conflict was cruel and bloody, and it was stopped by a military coup led by Horis Tarnos, leader of the Military forces. He restituted the Republic, but it was transformed, forbidding bipartidism, with a minimum of five parties in action at all times. Horis was incredibly popular and was accounted as a figured called, the Guardian, and head of the Military. His purpose was to guard the republic and its people. Later, the Guardian figure was made hereditary.

War broke up again when the parties soon became corrupt and fought for inner power and influence Two party alliances wage war between them, and later allied together to defeat the Guardian Figure who was set to stop the five parties war. This event is known as the Second Civil War. The parties were to divided among them to pose a clear threat to the Guardian, who had popular support. The party and the republic were reformed and the Empire was born with the Guardian Hannakon I, grandson of Horis, being the first Emperor.

  • Empire

With the Empire, an era of prosperity and economic growth soon began. The Empire started to expand into former new colonies, terraforming new world and settling in them.

Population and Society 

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