The Empire of Nihon occupies a fourth of The Ginga Galaxy with 75 Billion stars under its control.


This empire is the home empire of the Shinja. Its flag is a copy of the flag of Imperial Japan, a nation that used to exist on earth. The capital is Nihon. All other major worlds are named after major Japanese cities. Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Osaka, and Yokohama to name a few.

The currency of The Empire is called the Yen. A Yen is worth about 0.013 C-Units making them one of the least valuable denominations of currency in the universe.



The Empire of Nihon was founded in 197102 CE. It was founded in the Andromeda galaxy as a nation for like-minded fans of anime. These fans, called Shinja, would later expand to other nearby stars, controlling ten by 198802.

In 198802, the Empire was attacked by billions of members of the Neo Klan. This group's goal was to purify the universe of all genetically modified species as they were viewed as "impurities."

The number of Shinja was reduced to under one billion during the raids, and their small military was totally annihilated. The Emperor, Ryuji I, lead the remaining Shinja away from the original system to Ginga.

When the Shinja made it to the Ginga galaxy, in 198902, they immediately began to colonize as many planets as they could, buying millions of weapons and starships so they could do it quickly. They ended up colonizing 75 Billion stars.

Seizing of power by the Shogun

In 199022, the Shogun, Megumi Otosaka, overthrew the Emporer and installed herself as the head of the Empire. Otosaka eventually allowed the firstborn son of Ryuji I, Kyouya I, to be the next emperor, however, the position became nothing more than as head of state, with only symbolic power.


In 199899, the Empire of Nihon held a referendum and found that the vast majority of the nation wanted to have a parliament and a prime minister. There were mass protests when the Shogun refused to allow this, however, after a year the people got their way and managed to create a parliament. A prime minister was also voted into power.

The power of the Shogun was reduced to just the commander in chief of the military. The Shogun still has great influence over the politics of Nihon to this day, and remains very powerful.

Neo Klan Attacks

The Neo Klan has attacked The Empire of Nihon ten times. This happened because the Shinja are especially atrocious in the eyes of the Klan. The raids took place from 199001 CE right up until the destruction of the Klan in 199985.


Executive Branch

The Empire has one Emperor, one Shogun, and one Prime Minister.


Historically, the Emperor of Nihon was the most powerful individual. This was the case until the emperor became nothing more than a figurehead in 199022. Currently, the emperor is Kyouya II, he has tried multiple times to gain more power, yet all attempts have resulted in failure. He even tried to run for prime minister in 199994.


The current Shogun is Nao Sakagami. The Shogun is the commander in chief of the military. It was traditionally a hereditary position, but the previous three Shoguns were elected directly by the people.

Prime Minister

The current prime minister is Hachiro Kagawa. The Prime minister signs bills into law and appoints cabinet members.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative branch of Nihon is a typical multi-parliamentary system. There are currently five parties with any significant representation in the parliament. With the largest being the Hoshu-Teki (conservative) party, followed closely by the Shakai Shugi-Sha (socialist) party.


The Empire of Nihon bolsters quite the large military for its size. With 4 quintillion soldiers and 825 Quadrillion more in reserve. The large force is to prevent any extermination attempts by the Neo Klan or any other organization that hates the Shinja.

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