Enganor, transl. "Strange region" is a temperate desert planet orbiting around a red dwarf called Kaikarga. The Brufertius-Kaikarga binary star system is located in the Spawnight Galaxy. It's under the monitoring of CBRPD, which is under directive to find, research and protect any planet supplying multicellular life.


Enganor has low gravity is very light but is about the half the size of Earth. It rotates slower than it orbits Kaikarga. The temperature is barely above zero and the planet's age is pretty old. Enganor is mostly characterized by large territories made up from flatlands but every once in a while there's an impressive mountain range or a volcano. Enganor's atmosphere is nitrogen dominated much like ours but has more CO2 than O2. Also the planet's climatic regions seem to be divided in strata, also similarly to Earth.

Overall composition of atmosphere:

62.6% of N2; 23.1% of CO2; 14% of O2; 0.235% of H2O (Minor gases: SO2, Ne, Ar)


Enganor is every now and then visited by CBRPD drones which seek out terrestrial life. Multiple attempts have caused drones to be replaced by more sturdier ones due to some protocols causing relatively unsuitable drones to be released on the surface. These drones are capable of driving, climbing and digging, often designed for these separate functions.


Enganor's lifeforms are scattered all across the globe. They seem to be full of energy which is an interesting topic of research considering that the source of this new energy would be different from the Earth creatures, since no appearent water is seen. Things like pack animals or symbiotics relations are common on this planet.

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