Enkyr is a temperate E-Class planet located near the center of globular cluster 2MASS-GC01 in the Milky Way, the homeworld of the Xari, and the capital planet of the Ferisol'Tkir, the small interstellar government that controls the inhabitants of the cluster.


Like most planets, this one formed from the interplanetary dust of its parent star over three billion years ago. A half billion years later, a planetary object half its current size struck, creating a small moon and the planet's own ring system as well as stripping away much of its mass.

Life first appeared within the primitive oceans a billion years after the creation of the planet, eventually reaching land and spreading, albeit slower than it had on Earth due to the harsher gravity.


Map of Enkyr as taken by Confederacy stealth probes

The planet was discovered by the Confederacy in the year 3343 and was logged as a planet of interest.

In the year 150,512 CE, the first intelligent species began to evolve on the planet. These became the predecessors of the Xari.

The locals began to develop the planet heavily during their industrial age and nearly caused their thick ice caps to melt. However, their scientists managed to convince their ruler to order the lands cultivated to become fallow for a time. Thus they avoided the effects of climate change on their world.

Currently, their world is a veritable paradise of megacities and orbital structures.

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