Enyo is a mid-class terrestrial planet, located within the early reaches of the Terminus system. It is the second planet in the system, and it bears much resemblance to Venus pre-terraforming.


Enyo's climate is quite hellish, with fast-paced storms riddling the surface. The scalding temperatures do not help, either. The atmosphere is made of boiling water molecules, which suggest that Enyo could have had oceans in the past. This claim is very much supported with large basins that are splattered around Enyo's surface.

Enyowowew WOW

Enyo's surface, without the thick atmosphere and clouds blocking the way. Note the large basins, which suggest water may have been there before.

Moon System

Enyo is accompanied by 4 moons, the most prominent one named Velon. Velon is also a desert, alike Enyo. What is not like Enyo is the fact that Velon is quite temperate, and you may only need a gas mask, for obvious reasons, and a temperature-lowering suit if you can not handle temperatures equivalent to hot summer days on Earth for a prolonged time. Velon also has basins, but they look more like long rivers that ran for many hundreds of kilometers.

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