Eosesh City is the second largest colony of the planet Douma of the Hope System in the Ambrosia Galaxy. It is a large size city with a surface area of around four hundred thousand and fifty kilometers squared. It has a population of around 1,500,000,000 people.


Eosesh City has a unique topography to your typical city. Its structures are either on the ground, or tunnel throughout the Eosesh Mountain Range.

Large elevator like mechanisms are used to traverse across the vast mountainous expanse, these mechanisms travel around seven hundred kilometers a minute, allowing those who use them to travel piratically instantly to where ever they need to go.

The city receives its power through the Magna Particle exclusively, this is because of the Balaena Magna fossil located there, and to show the general public the power of the particle, increasing interest in its research.

The entire mountain range is covered within a large, practically see-through dome like structure, four hundred and sixty thousand kilometers in length, and ten kilometers in height. This structure provides Eosesh City with standard, Earth-like gravity, temperature suitable to humans, and an artificial breathable atmosphere.

The city is made up of four distinct regions, the first is an encircling mass of structures on the ground bordering the mountain range. These structures either fall under checkpoints to those wishing to enter the city, or low income housing. Small businesses are known to exist there as well. The low income houses are very small, "shoe box" houses, usually eighty five square feet in diameter.

The second is where the majority of Eosesh City buildings and people live. This region is where large buildings are constructed either inside or on top of the many mountains within its borders. These buildings range from large apartment complexes, to privately owned houses and large businesses. These apartments are usually quite lavish with expense luxuries in them. They are usually around five thousand square feet in diameter. Rent on these apartments are 480 C-Units per month. While the private homes are your typical mid-income ones.

The third is where the majority of Eosesh City's job market is. This is where its respective Balaena Magna fossil is located. Around the fossil is a large research and particle gathering building, covering a surface area of around five hundred kilometers. In this building, large elevator structures are aligned across the fossil to allow workers access to specific bones to extract its Magna Particles. Small recreational areas are located there as well, with food beverages, and entertainment for workers to partake in during their break times. These workers are typically paid around 18 C-Units per hour, work an eight standard hour work day, five standard days a week, with opportunities for promotion.

The fourth is where small buildings are aligned across the atmosphere controlled dome surrounding the city. These buildings double as homes, and areas where both robotic, and organic workers can over see the dome's functions. These buildings are usually around one hundred and five square feet in diameter.

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