Epora is a tidally locked E-class planet and is the homeworld of the Dals.


Epora is the fourth planet orbiting a red dwarf star in a binary system within the Milky Way galaxy. It is orbited by six asteroid moons and has a massive hurricane on its daytime side due to it being tidally locked. The night side of Epora (like most tidally locked planets) is a dark uninhabited frozen wasteland.


Epora is inhabited by a wide range of life with the dominant species being the Dals.

The Dals are a strange humanoid/avian species with four eyes and a beak. Both pairs of eyes are located on each side of their head, similar to some species of birds on Earth.

Other forms of life include:

Polythreas: large carnivorous flower like plants that live deep within Epora's wilderness. They are pink and have long vines that they use to capture prey.

Vaux: large insectoid predators that inhabit Epora's forests. They commonly hunt Korvas but can be prey for Polythreas. Very few of them have been domesticated.

Korvas: bird like organisms that acts as cattle for the Dals. They mainly roam the countrysides and are somewhat similar to Ostriches except they have no wings or feathers. Their bodies are somewhat ovoid in shape and have long necks. They have six eyes (three eyes on each side) and only have one leg. When fleeing from a predator or another threat, they are able to quickly hop across the ground at fast speeds. Most Korvas live in herds

Nargs: small amphibious lifeforms usually kept as pets by Dals. Nargs have ovoid bodies and four legs. They are around the size of a house cat and are herbivorous as they like to feed on large purple leaves that grow on Karozak bushes near the marshes, which is the Nargs' natural habitat.

Dekkas: small avian creatures that can fly up to speeds of 240mph. They are six inches long and mainly inhabit both the countrysides and the forests.


The Dals are a peaceful species and have had no wars or discrimination. They believe that all should be equal and treated with the up most respect. Unlike a lot of other species encountered, the Dals have never had any religions in their past and the concept of religion is unknown to them. Violence is strictly forbidden in their culture.

Their cities are very alien looking due to their strange bulbous architecture. Some Dals prefer to live in small hi-tech houses in Epora's countryside.

They were very friendly to the crew of the Starlight Envoy and thanks to that, they are now allies of Humanity.


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