Eratis(Bottom Right), As Seen From Orbit. Eratis' Moon, Lonad, Can Also Be Seen, as well as another planet in the system.

Eratis(RS 0-0-0-733-30742-8-8401657-385 B1, As of It Is an Ice Giant, 4.4 earth radii or 56,064.8 km in size, Hosts Intelligent, and Space Fairing Life. Polinians Discovered This In 100012, Being only 10 kly from the Entrance to Cunudra.



The First Image Of Eratis.

Eratis is an 4.4 Earth Radius Ice Giant, Slightly Bigger than the Ice Giants In The Solar System. Eratis Has An Extensive Ring System, Similar to a Small Saturn. Eratis Has Only One Moon, Lonad, which is Quite Small, At only ~800 Km across. Eratis Has An Average Temperature Ranging from -19.641 C to ~-3.9 C. Eratis Contains Large amounts of H2, Helium, And Methane. However, Trace Amounts of He3 are within the atmosphere. Eratis Reflects a dull Red onto Eratis during solar Eclipses.


Eratis Has Multicelluar Life, Including the Erati, An intelligent Mid-Late Type 2 Civilization. The Erati Have a Humanoid-Bird Like Structure, similar to How Polinians are structured. However, Erati Absorb Sunlight And Methane, Making them great Candidates for Exploration, As Solar Lamps can Be used as food, Only Requiring Electricity to power. Erati Emerged On Eratis In 10000 CE, Much Later Than Would Be Permited, Becuase of the High Pressures on Eratis. Erati Are Soft Skinned, Excluding their Feathered Wings and Sacks upon their back. These are used as a sort of "Life Vest" In case they tire, and need to rest. The Erati Have Already Spread Over 5000 Light-years, and were cautious of the Polinians. Soon After, However, they saw how similar they were, and allied, Now Called The Winged Allies, Formed in 100146. Other Lifeforms, Such as the Lapsa, A Floating, Winged Creature, are Common In the skies. Erati's Wings used to be Much More Powerful than a Polinian's Wings, But Have such degraded, since the introduction of the Erati Air Sacks. Erati on Eratis Build their homes out of Solid Bromine, and Use Liquid Helium and Hydrogen At Lower Altitudes, Because of the Immense Pressure. Upon Their Moon, However, Normal Materials are used. Massive Floating Cities Are Spread about Eratis, and no Planes are needed, as Erati can exceed speeds of 2 1/2 Times The Speed Of Sound, These Tremendous Speeds are most likely from having to adapt to the high speeds of the Leiven, A 8 Winged(Yes 8, That's 4 Pairs of Wings.) Carnivorous Species Which can Top out at the speed Of Sound. Leiven Are Incredibly Maneuverable, and can turn 360 Degrees within 2 Seconds. Some Sub-Species Of Leiven Have Been Tamed, and are used as Guard Creatures.


Eratis Holds a Population of an Impressive ~7 Trillion People, about 88% Erati, 10% Polinian, 1% Human, and 1% Other. The Large Number Of People is from The Ability to build mega structures, stretching up to the edge of the atmosphere, at ~2900 Km, with about 200 Km majorly Populated. The Lower You Go into the atmosphere, however, the less people there are. At the minimum depths, Only Scientific Research Facilities and Those Evading the Law Go This Deep. It is Considered off limits unless you have a permit, as these high pressures could easily destroy a space ship, or any living person. The Lowest Facility, Graviter Base, Reaches All the way Down to the Planet's Core, and Researches The M-Matter Contained Within the core. Most Erati Leave Eratis, and look to other planets with solid ground, as they describe the ice giant as,"A Swirling, Never Ending Storm, with no land or oceans in sight." about 0.07% of Eratis' Population is Tourists, Who Explore the insane Storms closer to the surface and Large cyclones, and Essentialy "Air-Surf" On The Winds. Even special transportation has been built on this.

Space Travel

Most Space Travel Is Launched Either Out of the atmosphere, or within the outer limits, where atmosphere would affect it the least. The First Space Flight, Taken bu the Erati, was Launched in 202945 CE, and Orbited. The first manned(Or more likely, Eratied) flight was taken to Lonad, and returned to Eratis. Erati Left the System 500 Years Later, On a Delatrin Drive(Aka A Eratin Warp Drive). Re-Entry Is the Hardest Part of space travel, as there is no solid surface. This Left Eratin Scientists Mind-boggled until areo-levitation technologies were developed.

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