Erimah is a very old Frozen Titan located in the RG 0-0-0-733 Galaxy, a Galaxy located billions of light-years away from the Milky Way.



Erimah Mountains

Erimah's beautiful mountains.

Despite being very Earth-like, it doesn't have almost nothing similar to Earth.
It's orange-coloured continents are full of mountains, making it a very beautiful planet and also attracting millions of tourists all over the Universe.
It's oceans look like they are made out of water, but they are actually made of liquid Nitrogen.
For some reason, Erimah's Nitrogen snow is also orange-coloured, just like the surface.
When seeing the night side of Erimah from space, many bright points, that are actually many human cities will be seen.
It also has a small orange equatorial ring, having thousands of asteroid mines and hundreds of cities. 
Erimah City

Soralis-4, the largest human settlement of Erimah and it's capital.



Erimah was discovered in 4858 CE by a group of human explorers trying to find Titan-like objects, then Erimah was found, since there were no signals of life on it human settlers arrived on the planet, the explorers contacted to the Confederacy of Humanity that they had found a beautiful Titan-like planet, then later more and even more humans started to visit Erimah, making it a very large tourist attraction.

Erimah Flag

The flag of Erimah.

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