Eru, also known as HIP 104764 4, is a temperate N-Class planet orbiting the HIP 104764. It's most notable feature is its multicolored rings.


Discovered in 2512 by a URSS scout ship, the planet quickly became the subject of many interstellar artists who would land on the planet's one S-Class moon and paint the planet and its unusual ring system.


Eru is a relatively young planet at just over half a billion years old. It formed as most planets do out of the stellar disc formed when HIP 104764 formed. It has a solid iron core and gasses consisting of Hydrogen and Helium. The rings formed after many of the captured asteroids began to collide with each other, eventually forming the famous ring system. Six asteroids became shepherd moons and one small S-Class world was formed from the remaining debris.

In the year 102321 Project Illuvatar began. It consisted of taking many of the systems asteroids and comets and smashing them together in order to create a new moon around the planet. Through the use of terrashaping, the moon now known as Illuvatar was created and terraformed.

Ring System

The general hypothesis for how the rings were created is that the rings, which consist of many different colored gems such as amethyst, jade, garnet, ruby, diamond and various other gems and stones of such colors, were artificially created by the second iteration of the First Civilization. What the purpose was isn't known. Another, less accepted hypothesis is that an interstellar object came and collided with the proto-Eru, sending its gems into orbit.

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