Esroth is the only moon of Jesar. It is administered as a territory of Jesar, but still is affiliated with the Zaramorian Domain. The ambassador to the United System Council is the same person as elected on Jesar (the ambassador represents both Esroth and Jesar). The moon was colonized in 5552 CE with the intention to provide mining centers to help spur Jesar and Zaramor's economies.

Physical Statistics

  • Mass: 5.2637 x 10^23 kg
  • Diameter: 7243.10 km
  • Solar Day: 11.008 Earth-days
  • Temperature: -192.55°C
  • Rings: None
  • Parent: Jesar


Esroth was settled by humans from Jesar in 5552 CE with the intention to form mining centers. Many minerals and types of stone has been harvested, including precious gems that help to fuel the jewelry trade. Esroth is a territory with certain rights and privileges granted to it by the state. There are also two major docking ports for starships that travel inter-system, between the two other systems under the Zaramorian Domain, and New Terra in the M110 galaxy.

Esroth's history has been relatively calm and peaceful since colonization.


Esroth surface 1
Esroth surface 2
Esroth surface 3
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