Estrinus is a warm tropical E-class planet in the Porphyrion Galaxy.


It is a world of large hot jungles, vast oceans and extremely long days. The jungles consist of 400ft tall trees and strange wildlife living within it.

Hurricanes, strong winds, thunderstorms, tornadoes and water spouts are not unheard of on this world and are more common due to the hot temperatures.


Draids: Strange nocturnal humanoids that live deep within the jungles. They are able to emit shrieks and are very silent, being able to creep up on their prey. The Draids do show signs of intelligence and even seem to have their own tribes deep within the vast jungles.

Forns: Amphibious quadrupeds that live near the rivers and swamps. Some of them are kept as pets by the Draids. Their diet consists of a species of small aquatic lifeforms.


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