General Info

Euclid is an earth-like planet with a mild climate, and reliable season. It orbits the star Goranth, which is a binary system consisting of a yellow and red dwarf with 8 planets. The planet's landmasses are situated mostly in the temperate zones, featuring open and rolling landscapes with little variation in altitude. Winds sweep across the plains and cold brackish seas. There are few inland waterways, and the shorelines consist of rocky cliffs and bluffs.


There are no intelligent life on Euclid, but many animals and plants inhabit the plains and hills of it's landmasses. The plant life consists of grasses, flowers, some mosses, bushes, but not that many trees. The atmosphere is primarily carbon dioxide, with some oxygen. The plants there use an unusual form of photosynesis to survive. They take in CO2 and sunlight, but don't exhale anything. They just keep the CO2 and sunlight as food and energy. The plants also seem to not need water to survive. The animals there are life similar to Earth's rabbits, bisons, elk, and sometimes wolves. There is a stable food chain, with grasses and plants being at the bottom, and having wolves and some other predators at the top.

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