Eurokke (RS 1186-3165-8-4042870-1098 A1 in is a frozen T-Class exoplanet orbiting the white dwarf star Oricon. It is the first planet around Oricon and is located in the middle regions of the Andromeda Galaxy. Eurokke was discovered in 9851 CE by the Mol, who reported it to the Confederacy of Humanity in 9853 CE. Exploration of the system in 9902 CE showed the Eurokke has 1 moon and an early Type 1 civilization known as the Euroh.

Eurokke as seen by a Human-Mol exploration vessel.

Physical Overview

Eurokke is a Titan planet just 1.4% larger than Earth. However, this planet has just 55% the mass of Earth and a low gravity for its size. The terrain is made of ice and seas of liquid ethane, methane, and ammonia.


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