"Just because I helped others doesn't make me a god or divine messenger. Why the Ski'pec treated me like I was, I have no clue. I just got lucky while flying around that developing world. I didn't even know that that world had tech advanced enough for sending signals." -Evkoba Entonear during an interview in 2024


Evkoba Entonear was a Ski'pec flyer born in 1994 CE. His early life was quiet. As a starship mechanic, he learned many things about space travel. His job became his passion and he was happy. Evkoba often took days off to fly around Scenth . As he aged, he went further out from Smohera. Eventually, he began taking long missions throughout his galaxy piloting his ship, the Hubanierrv, which translates to "Sky Splitter" from Slitaru. His intent was to connect Scenth to the other clusters and nebulae. One time, however, he went to planet Aw-Rih-Kay-3562 in the Galakynan galaxy in an attempt to find intelligent life in nearby systems. As he was heading back to Xenscara, he slingshotted past the planet. In this fabled moment, MDK was uploading his song Gravity Suit. Because of the Ski'pec's chemical response to electronic noise, Evkoba was instantly captivated by the song. He immediately went back to report to Smohera. Once he did so, the dreaded Music Void was finally over. Scenth's Council found out and decided to watch Aw-Rih-Kay-3562's development. in the following year, Evkoba was showered with praise as they found out Earth's true name as well as the Milky Way.

The Snap

Ski'pec have been engineered to be completely peaceful. Except... it didn't work completely. As 2019 CE came, Evkoba felt like he was going insane. The constant fame and overwhelming praise 


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