Exotel (or RS 8409-1353-6-171850-779) is a binary star system near the Horsehead Nebula in the Milky Way.

Exowa and Mentel

The system consists of two stars: Exowa and Mentel.

Exowa is a yellow dwarf that has about the size and temperature of Sol. It is nearing the end of it's life and will soon become a red giant. It is orbited by 5 planets, one of them is Vonri.

Mentel is an orange dwarf that has a surface temperature of 3927°C and is being orbited by 7 planets, one of them being Hemasti.

List of Planets

Exowa: Awti (Hot Selena)

Manticulu (Hot Selena)

Melosm (Warm Gas Giant)

Vonri (Temperate Terra)

Varidan (Cool Desert)

Mentel: Froi (Hot Selena)

Karma (Hot Ice Giant)

Keloni (Hot Desert)

Hemasti (Temperate Terra)

Inogur (Cool Desert)

Vondes (Cold Ice Giant)

Eeedo (Frozen Ice Giant)

Barycenter: Carino (Frozen Titan)

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