Eyina is a frozen T-Class planet found in the Large Magellanic Cloud at about 161,000 light years from Earth near the constellations Mensa and Dorado.

Also known as RS 8410-2-7-1481451-1099 4 in beta patch 5.


Eyina as seen from space.


A world unlike the Earth, the seas are made from liquid methane with a nitrogen, methane and hydrogen atmosphere. With an age of 4.8 billion years old, it is home to an interstellar civilization measuring as a mid-Type II civilization known as the Ayians, about 350,000 years old.

A single year on Eyina is roughly 34.9 Earth years, and one rotation of the planet takes 1.4 days.

Eyina orbits in a binary star system, with the two stars at about 12.8 AU from the planet.


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