This is the list of researches and progresses made by the FCRI.

The Agrami

In 194192 CE, while a science ship was doing a routine survey in Blokuslon B3, it found strange energy readings coming from the surface. It was unnatural, for sure. An away team was sent to explore what it was.

Once on the planet, the scientists found ruins. The crew's archeologist concluded that it was First Civilization's architecture. After exploring for some time, they found what seemed to be a holographic generator. They turned it on and a tall, bald eyeless humanoid being hologram appeared. They could not figure out if it was a male or a female. It was clear that the person had something to say.

It seemed to be very important, but they could not understand the language. Fortunately, it was entirely recorded. The years passed and, in 196520 CE, it was translated entirely. It gave us some answers, but an unimaginably greater number of questions.

The message

"We are the Agrami." The signal was unstable and it crashed a lot. "I do not have much time, we are being attacked by aliens from the future or another time! It is the end of our civilization... If you are a future galactic nation, please, listen to me with attention. It is extremely important for your survival. You–" And the message ended.

Further researches

In 197842 CE, while exploring Agrami ruins, archeologists found in the computer's data DNA files about the time-traveling beings' genetical code. To their surprise, it was a human DNA genome sequence. It raised more questions. Time-traveling humans? It was too much to accept. Were they from the future? From a parallel universe? And, why were they in war with this species, if not, the First Civilization itself.

The Ambrosian Agrami

In 198045 CE, a group of modified humans were trying to re-colonize an abandoned C.Y.R.E.X planet, Troseltica IV, when they found something unusual, a body. However, they did not know the species. So, Confederacy scientists were contacted.

In 198048, the result of the tests was shocking. That was an Agrami body. There was no doubt. It dated 600,000 BCE. It is unknown how a member of that species went to a so far galaxy. The FCRI's goal was to reveal the First Civilization mysteries, but it just created more of them.

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