The Confederacys of United Star Systems, (often abbreviated as FUSS, and commonly called The Federation) is a large 480 galaxy-sized nation, which is located inside the Confederacy of Borealis.


After the Confederacy of Borealis was expanding and gaining new member nations, they thought to make a human-based nation near the local group. This state would eventually be known as the Federation of United Star Systems. This nation would have only a few goals, the primary one being to unite all humans under a single, solid banner.

At around 8000 CE, The Confederacy passed these plans swiftly, and the FUSS was founded. Being the newest member-nation at the time, many flocked to see once unnoticed planet, Aeros. Aeros, after the FUSS' inception, had become the capital. Many people began staring businesses, making homes for themselves, and creating a new life.

Eventually, the desolate space nearby Confederacy borders had enticed the leaders of the FUSS, and they systematically gained territory. Soon enough, they became on of the largest states in the Confederacy, halting their expansion at 480 galaxies.

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