Template:!Nation Template 3.0!The Federations of United Star Systems, (often abbreviated as FUSS, and commonly called The Federation) is a 250 galaxy-sized nation, which is located inside the Confederacy of Borealis. Being a founding nation of the CoB, the FUSS is widely respected and known for being a pioneer of the future.


When the United Republic of Space Settlements initially fell in 3000, Humanity planned on united their species once more. With many areas going under terrible turmoil and crime, there were many ideas on how to unite Humanity for good. After many months of Humans attempting to recall their species, a meeting was initiated at Aeros.

What followed was a multi-decade plan, which centered around many summits and meetings in the fractures pieces of Humanity. Many people were reluctant at the time, but they ended up liking the idea of a better system, of a tightly united Humanity.

After many years of slowly subsuming areas of the Orion Arm, the Federation was officially founded. By this time, it had reclaimed approximately 27% of lost Human claims, and it would not stop until the 3500s, when most claims (>80%) were taken back.

Founding of the Confederacy

The FUSS, with many alien nations in and around it, decided to make an interstellar union called the Confederacy of Borealis. The FUSS, along with their allies, created the Confederacy in their own image. Some nations, not wanting to be dragged into more conflict, made and joined the Confederacy as a way of peace and prosperity across the Milky Way. However, this would not help in the case as the three galactic wars would break out.

Further Expansion

By the turn of the 40th century, over 95% of Humanity was inside of the FUSS, which was in turn inside the Confederacy of Borealis. By now, some of the Milky Way's Orion Arm was also colonized, and shared with the ingenious alien people in the CoB. Many alien nations ended up being provinces for the CoB, granting it a large alien population of approximately 22%. This grew even higher as the FUSS became intergalactic in the late 80th century.

By the time of the late 99th century, Wormholes were invented, which made intergalactic travel to galaxies like Andromeda much easier after setup. Many ancient Warp Generation Ships were sent to Andromeda and M110, and they arrived in the 124th century. In turn, they discovered the Lo'Xal Federation, which soon gifted Humanity with their advanced forms of technology and FTL. This created a huge age of exploration for Humanity. Alongside the wormhole, which was getting its own major improvements, Humanity could pretty much go anywhere in the Local Group in a feasible amount of time. The gateways to the Ambrosia Galaxy provided by the Inox Forerunners also helped, making colonies appear in such areas in the mid 90th centuries.

Galactic Wars

As the Confederacy grew across the Milky Way, the FUSS was often under threat by external alien threats. Soon after its initial seeding in the Local Group, many empires began to grow belligerent. Soon enough, the three galactic wars were declared, one after another.

First Galactic War

During the First Galactic War, much of the FUSS fleets and colonies were destroyed. This set them back very far, but had no other bits of damage otherwise. Earth has to be evacuated, and it appeared as if they would have to make a new capital. However, the FUSS bounced back only a century after the war, however still feeling the effects of it long after.

Second Galactic War (WIP)

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