Ferisol'Tkir is the government that controls the entire 2MASS-GC01 cluster in the Milky Way. It's run by the extremely religious Xari and was formed in 154,121 CE. In Srakish it means First Star City.


In the early history of the Xari, the strong but diminutive race were involved in many internal wars in the primeval forests of their planet until they came together and decided to conquer the stars, which they believe to be gods of other mythical creatures.

With the final unification of their race, the Xari made strides in technology that led them to develop steam power by the year 158,666 CE and nuclear power a few hundred years later in 158,991.

Over the next few hundred years, the Ferisol'Tkir subjugated any planet with life and forced them to obey their sun god or be destroyed. They wiped out many races while subjugating the rest. They have since remained within their star cluster, although there are signs that they might be ready to explore beyond their borders at long last.


Being a religious monarchy, the Xari worship and revere their emperor, known in their language as a Yandir. They believe that he or she is the current incarnation of their sun god and that, when they reach death, they are to be burned alive (although with the invention of space travel, this has evolved to being thrown into the sun itself) in order that their fiery souls may join the ancestors on their sun in the afterlife.

The Yandir has a group of five subordinates, each of which are members of their harem. These five are called the Yandim. They rule over the Xari subjects and more recently their alien slaves.

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