Feriz is a small E4 galaxy, with a diameter of about 1800 light years. Feriz was first discovered by the Ketla-Anean Suma'kla Kerspiea (Avrilla Suma'kla was a Ketlan astronomer and engineer who pioneered early rocketry on Tarille Major while Kerspiea translates as "telescope") in 9,405 CE. The first colony ship to Feriz was dispatched from Morveia in 10,470 CE and arrived later that year. Feliz is currently home to 8 trillion Mozj'la, 8.1 trillion Ketla-Anea and 9 trillion Quarae, the majority of which live in its Core Sector - a region of space near the center of the galaxy with a high amount of habitable worlds, as well as being the political and economic hub of the galaxy.


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