Filia (RS 8475-3-7-1196326-185 4.1) is a small E-Class world orbiting a large O-Class planet named Mater. This unique little world has its own intelligent life, the Filians, and is, in fact, not a binary planet. Filia is a true, full-fledged moon and is the only one known of its kind - save for Europa.


Filia is home to a diverse humanoid population known as the Filians. They are currently incapable of space travel, but they are otherwise quite advanced. The now-obsolete mythologies on this moon state that Mater gave birth to Filia, and now Mater has grown old, and Filia is at her peak fertility, hence all the life. Some time in the future, it is said that Filia will give birth to another planet and then grow old, and everything on Filia will die but be reborn on the new world. That's how the worlds got their names: Mater is Latin for "mother", and Filia Latin for "daughter". 


A picture of Filia, with Mater in the background

It is now known that Filia was created in a collision similar to the formation of Luna. Since the discovery, multiple laser arrays have been constructed to vaporize or nudge away any large asteroids or moons that could potentially collide. 

Relationship with Humans

Humans are rather disliked by Filians. They see humans as weaklings who hide behind technology. Despite this, Filians have managed to have a great economic relationship with humans, as the few that see past the stereotype given prosper. 


Filia is home to many different species. The environment is actually quite similar to that on Luna

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