The First Amatrian War, also known as Amatrian War I, is the first galactic war fought in the Amatria galaxy that lasted for 25 years between 9017 and 9042.

As of a result of the war, almost a trillion lives were lost in one of the galaxy's deadliest conflict ever to be fought. However, millitary defences remained active for the next 15 years in fear of terrorists striking a major colony. An attack never occured, but fear was still there as mysterious signals were picked up from intergalactic space...

The war was followed by the Second Amatrian War in 9116.


After the first galactic Cold War had officially begun in 9001, millitary forces had rarely came close enough to cause mass panic within the sector. However, due to the Amatrian Galactic Spherium splitting into two factions for 120 years, it caused an increase in the tension rising within the government. Senators were rushed to the Spherium Senate to debate the possibility of galaxy-wide conflict due to the new millitary tension between the two factions.

The war had officially been declared in 9017 after two seperate space craft of each faction approached each other within less than a mile. Most cases were between five and ten miles, not close enough to cause panic or a brief battle. The approach initiated a small battle between the two space craft for under an hour until the other space craft escaped the star system.

The news of the small battle shook the galactic network. Both factions had begun to throw attacks at each other, with a bombing campaign destroying entire buildings on some of the most major colonies in the entire galaxy. It escalated quickly and both factions had shown enough hatred for each other and one of the factions decided to launch an invasion on a colony world that was mostly controlled by the other faction.

Each faction had enough: it was time for war! The armies were upgraded to their maximum and sent into the battle fields, with starships and star fighters sent into space battles. During the entire war, almost a trillion lives were lost, both citizens and soldiers.

After roughly three quarters of a century of peace since the end of the war, the Second Amatrian War broke out in 9116. The 10th millenium would be war-torn as another three galactic wars would take place since the end of the First Amatrian War in 9042.

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