The First Intergalactic War was fought between the years 13129 to 13231. It involved the Milky Way, Andromeda, Triangulum, Whirlpool, ArtriaDrake, Orion Dwarf, both Magellanic Clouds, Barnard's GalaxyTadpole Galaxy and Amatria as well as a few others.


With the development of a longer range wormhole drive and the Confederacy laying claim to yet another galaxy (having already claimed the Milky Way, Drake, Triangulum, Orion Dwarf, both Magellanic Clouds, Barnard’s Galaxy and the Tadpole Galaxy along with a few others) other neighboring galactic empires, which had not yet developed Wormhole technology, began attempting to negotiate for access to this technology so they too could expand. The Intergalactic Confederacy hosted the negotiation talks, which at first were cordial but soon took a bad turn.

Unknown to the major powers, a secretive sect of human supremacists under the command of a former Confederacy Navy admiral stole some older Confederacy warships as well as alien warships that had been retired after the Galactic Wars and launched attacks on major worlds in Andromeda as well as Artria and a couple others. When these races heard of the attacks and recognized the markings, the negotiations quickly spiraled out of control as both sides accused the other of attacking them. The Xcathli moderators tried to calm all involved down, but in vain.

Battle of Noma

The first battle took place in Andromeda over the Clospet colony world of Noma on February 14, 13129. A fleet of the Confederacy’s most advanced warships suddenly appeared in orbit of the colony world and began firing on the planet’s surface, targeting the major cities. The Clospet's own warfleet arrived around an hour later and the two began fighting.

The battle lasted for fourteen hours with reinforcements coming in on each side every few hours. With each side enduring heavy losses, the battle was a draw as both fleets limped away.

When news of this battle reached the other galaxies, there was a massive uproar among the local group galaxies and many declared war on the Confederacy for what appeared to be an unprovoked attack. This first battle led to the start of major hostilities.


With the Battle of Noma, many of the Confederacy’s new enemies formed a loose alliance in order to combat them. It was known simply as the Alliance. The Confederacy turned to their allies as well, the Glitter Territories, Novum Imperium Rōmānum, the Celeste Empire, Cooperative Imperium of Spheres and other alien allies. At first, the Confederacy of Humanity had the advantage due to their advanced wormhole technology. However with the Amatrian Galactic Spherium sharing their own wormhole tech with their new allies, progress was quickly made and soon they had developed something akin to the Confederacy’s own drives.

Throughout the decades of the war, there were many incursions by the Confederacy into Alliance territory and vice versa such as the Babylon Incursion, the Battles of the Nevyn Mines and many more. Billions died on either side during the hundred year conflict. The Confederacy even raided the fabled Pluto Vault for its cache of illegal and highly dangerous weapons in direct violation of the Pluto Charter. They destroyed entire worlds, as did the Alliance. One failed incursion nearly destroyed Earth.

The major battle that caused both sides to want to come to the negotiating table was the Battle of Triste which lasted for a week in the Triste System, a minor human colony on the edge of Confederacy Space. The Alliance had devised a new weapon but the ship that had the weapon was told to use it as a last resort and to warn the enemy about the detonation, or at least that was the order that was thought to have been sent out. The Alliance warship never received that message. When the week had passed and it appeared as if the battle would go to the Confederacy, the warship launched the weapon directly into the Triste sun, causing a massive implosion that destroyed every human ship in the system.

As with all wars, technological advancement sped up immensely and propaganda was distributed on either side. Near the end of the war, over five trillion had died on either side and many colony worlds had been destroyed. A few homeworlds had been left in near ruins, including Earth.


Near the end, the warring sides called a temporary cease-fire and met on a neutral intergalactic rogue planet to discuss an end to hostilities. As with before, the Intergalactic Confederacy hosted the peace talks.

The talks lasted for three years while the Confederacy and Alliance hammered over the details of the cease fire. Both sides eventually agreed on terms for the treaty.

One of the greatest debates was whether or not the Confederacy of Humanity would share its newest form of intergalactic propulsion, what was known as the Quantum Displacement Drive that had been developed for quick and efficient bombing runs on enemy planets. The other debate was whether the Alliance would have to hand over the specs for the weapon that had destroyed Triste. Both sides were understandably not quite willing to give it up, but eventually a compromise was reached. A massive research station was built in intergalactic space and populated by the top researchers from the Confederacy and the Alliance in order to better both of their governments. It would later become known as the Revelation Space Station.

Another part of the treaty was that the Alliance was dissolved and each member became members of the Intergalactic Confederacy, which was agreed on, and as new members reparations were made by either side to rebuild the local group. The treaty was signed on May 4, 13231.

With the newfound friendship between former enemies, trade which had been very rare at best became much more common and the culture of the Local Group became vastly improved. It became known as the Triste Treaty, after the battle that effectively ended the war.

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