The First Uzbaeoren-Allo War was the first of three major wars fought between the civilizations of the Uzbaeoren and Allo globular clusters. The war involved the Poradorn (Uzbaeoren) and the Impec (Allo) and their allies for 76 years, from 14,588 to 14,596 CE.


One of the largest motives for the Uzbaeoren-Allo War was the enormous contrast between the civilizations involved: centuries earlier, around 14,100 CE, conflicting ideologies between individual Poradorn nations on their homeworld Caedewic resulted in a violent fascist regime, the Poradorn Centralized Power, seizing power of the entire planet; around the same time, on Beuda, the Impec were rapidly approaching the space age under the leadership of peaceful democratic states.

In 14,213, the Poradorn created their first warp drive. While the Impec had invented faster-than-light travel in 14,117, the brutal efficiently of the Poradorn Centralized Power resulted in the Poradorn colonizing the entire Uzbaeoren cluster in just over a century. By contrast, in the same amount of time, the Impec had only established a few colonies beyond their home system.

By 14,545, advancements in warp technology enabled the Poradorn to reach the Allo cluster with ease. The Poradorn Centralized Power quickly saw the cluster of value, since the high density of star systems would make a tight, centralized interstellar government much more practical. Thus, in the 14,550s, the Poradorn Centralized Power promoted several programs to accelerate the colonization of Allo. The Power also involved their military, which was primarily used to stamp out any young civilizations occupying valuable planets or moons.


Colonization and conquest of the Allo cluster was steady until the Poradorn Centralized Power made first contact with the Impec. With the Impec possessing technology rivaling theirs, the Poradorn hesitated to invade Beuda. To avoid immediate conflict, the Poradorn Centralized Power falsely presented itself to the Impec as a friendly democratic-thinking confederacy, yet secretly, the Power amassed a powerful military for a future invasion. However, one of the Impec's allies uncovered the plot. Distressed, the Impec quickly assembled their own military and formed a defense pact with fellow alien civilizations. In response, the Poradorn Centralized Power made quick friends with other civilizations of Uzbaeoren. Eventually each cluster was dominated by an alliance: in the Uzbaeoren cluster was the Unified Powers of Uzbaeoren, which was controlled by three totalitarian empires, and in the Allo cluster the Allo Pact, a loose collection of around a dozen confederacies and republics.

After a short period of waiting, the Unified Powers of Uzbaeoren invaded the Allo cluster.

The war began with a massive invasion of what the Unified Powers considered to the homeworld of the weakest member of the Allo Pact. The Poradorn's overwhelming military caused the native government to fall within days, and the Unified Powers gained access to inside information on the Allo Pact, such as the location of populated colonies and the most powerful war fleets, which the Impec had refused to give to the Poradorn.

With this knowledge, the Unified Powers began attacking major colonies along the borders of the Allo Pact. As they pushed inward toward Beuda, the Pact lost numerous government officials, fleets and colonies. The most devastating attack was the Invasion of Neudram, which resulted in the destruction of the Impec's main fleet and the extermination of all 2.2 Neudram citizens, including the Pact's head fleet commander, Tynb hy Ze.

Softened and without a skilled leader, the Pact's military fell to ruin. The Unified Powers swiftly broke down every Pact colony in Allo, and in mid-14,596, fleets of the Unified Powers entered orbit of Beuda, invaded capital cities, and effectively seized control of the cluster.


After the victory of the Unified Powers of Uzbaeoren, any populations in the Allo cluster deemed unprofitable by means of forced labor or other demeaning tasks were exterminated. Other groups, such as those on Beuda, were enslaved or used for scientific experimentation. By 14,600, a total of 1.5 trillion individuals once part of the Allo Pact were killed.

Meanwhile, thousands of individuals, such as those living on fringe research or mining stations, managed to escape the cluster, although most eventually were captured and killed. Those who were successful, however, fled to other alien civilizations, including the Confederacy of Humanity, for refuge, where word of the Unified Powers' warmongering quickly spread. In a few deacdes' time, more powerful civilizations would decide to liberate the conquered worlds, starting the Second Uzbaeoren-Allo War.

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