Foremholl is an anomalous object situated near the galactic core. Its appearance resembles that of a wormhole, albeit without a destination. The inside, however, takes on a much different appearance. Probes flying through the middle see tunnels of light and odd structures, things not seen in normal wormholes. Some claim that Foremholl is a glitch from faulty programming of Space-Time, but others suggest that it is a portal into Plane Four. The most accepted explanation is that this is a wormhole without a destination. However, there is no definite explanation for what lies at the end where probes loose contact.

Foremholl's Interior

Hull and Holl


Hull's orbit is blue, Holl's orbit is green

Around Foremholl is a star orbited by a planet, Holl, with life. Hull orbits Foremholl at 3au and Holl orbits Hull at 2au. How this is possible remains unexplained, but it seems that Hull is affected by Foremholl, yet Holl is unaffected allowing it to orbit Hull without being pulled away by Foremholl.


While the anomaly is surrounded by an exclusion zone, that doesn't stop tourists from parking in nearby interstellar space and watching the star change colours as Hull passes behind Foremholl. Hull is normally white, but reported colours includes purple, green, orange and blue. There is a space station within a light year that contains a black hole sealed inside a hold, and it uses this black hole to make time run thousands of times faster than normal, causing Hull to change appearance rapidly, further making nearby space a popular tourism spot. People without access to interstellar travel can still use a telescope to find Foremholl. It has a RA/Dec of 18 0.01 1.05 and -24.55 0.05 0.07 respectively, and a distance of 26,502 light years.

S.C.A.R.T. Package

This pack can be used to access Foremholl within SCART. It is very good if you want to visualise the strange orbits.

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