One of the intelligent species of Denil.

Physical Description

The Forests of Denil or simply the Forest as they call themselves are tall treelike creatures. They resemble terrestrial coniferous trees with large roots that they use to move around their world.

They also seem to be telepathic in nature as they and their neighbors the Egot-krlla have been seen to communicate with each other on a regular basis. In fact it can be said that the two share a symbiotic relationship.

They communicate through their roots all around the planet. They are connected by a tree which has its roots spread across the entire planet, even under the oceans. They do not see as humans do but instead see through their roots and through those of the Elder Trunk. The only way they can see like a human is if they telepathically connect with an Egot-krlla.

When the patch of land they are living in becomes too deprived of nutrients, they uproot and “walk” to find a new source of nutrition. Like terrestrial trees, they live off of sunlight, soil nutrients, water and carbon dioxide. They can live for as long as twelve thousand Earth years or so but the Elder Trunk’s age seems to imply that they once could live a lot longer or possibly still can. They can grow to be 20 to 30 meters tall although the Elder Trunk is over 300 meters tall.

They reproduce much like terrestrial trees. Being monoecious (having the reproductive structure of both genders) they reproduce by growing a number of small cone-like structures. Pollen is released and after both male and female gamete meet, they form a new cell which eventually matures into a seed. The seeds form in small cherry sized fruits. Then the Forest finds a bare patch of field. They drop their fruits and leave them to germinate and grow into new seedlings. Some of the fruits are eaten and moved elsewhere. Within around thirty years or so the new tree has matured.


They are a deeply spiritual people, believing deeply in peace with nature and balance. Every local day every member of the Forest sings the Song of the Trees for around 30 minutes in order to join as one with the Elder Trunk, the eldest tree in the planetwide forest. Its estimated age is a seemingly impossible 1.2 million years, dating back to the dawn of their modern civilization.

The forest population is currently around 300 billion, living peacefully alongside their nonsentient counterparts. 

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