Fort Cendvrel is an asteroid fortress in the Pacuan system. It is the first, and as of 10,000, the only asteroid fortress in the Rentxo galaxy under control of the Confederacy of Humanity.


After the wormhole connecting Milky Way and Rentxo was established in 9990, immigration began to occur and the human population of the galaxy reached 100,000 on the year 9993.

At that point, the local population petitioned the Confederacy to establish a military garrison in order to deter piracy and to combat any foreign threats in addition to upholding the law. The Confederacy responded by sending a freshly-recruited regiment containing 3,000 men and equipment, stationing them on the planet Nova Rexina.

The lack of infrastructure on Nova Rexina soon prompted the garrison commander to search for a location to build a fully-fledged fortress. After a few weeks of comparison, the asteroid AS 688, the second largest in the system, was chosen, partially because its orbit enables easy access to both Nova Rexina and the wormhole, and partially because of its decent size (civilian mining outposts had been established on the larges one at AS706).

Underground construction on the asteroid began on March 9994 and was completed by November the same year. The garrison arrived on December, and the one of the only two combat-capable starship owned by humans in Rentxo was placed into orbit around the asteroid.

Initially, the design incorporated a high-security prison into the fortress. The prison wing is still unused due to the lack of prisoners requiring high security in Rentxo though.


The fortress was designed to be capable of self-sustaining itself without any outside supplies indefinitely. It was also designed to house up to 1,000 humans. Due to its military nature, detailed information is classified, but the significant number of civilian interaction with the fortress have revealed several features about the fortress:


The entrance to the fortress

  • An entrance constructed from a 70-year old cargo ship that was about to be scrapped,
  • Laser cannons mounted around the entrance,
  • A nuclear fusion power plant to provide energy for the whole fortress,
  • Water ice mining facility to provide fuel for the power plant and supplies for the garrison,
  • A refinery to produce purified metals, particularly iron, nickel, and silicon,
  • Some form of aeroponics facility to provide food for the inhabitants.

There have been speculation about the presence of a superweapon inside the fortress, placed there to minimize the chance of detection by hostile forces in Milky Way. Civilian contractors which occasionally visit the fortress have not found any evidence for these claims, however.


The red cross indicate the approximate location of the entrance.

The fortress is located beneath a small crater, part of a much larger impact crater in the asteroid's equator which defines its western hemisphere.

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