Four dimensional drones are robotic starfighters which can travel though four dimensional space. The Supreme is the only entity which uses these drones. The Supreme's Four-Dimensional Fleet is a branch in the military forces of The Supreme used mostly during The War for All.



In 190199, The Supreme created the fleet as a last-ditch attempt to best The Seekers. The Supreme was losing badly in The Tloinin Galaxy and was barely managing to retain control over its central one thousand systems.

The Supreme took five specially made drones and moved them to 4S1T space with carefully controlled Gravity Wave Wormhole Disruption. These drones were unable to move in four dimensions as they had only three-dimensional thrusters, so The Supreme ended up having to put five more drones into 4D space, except these drones were able to move in 4S1T space, at the sacrifice of one "normal" dimension of movement. The drones moved towards each other and melded together to create one craft capable of moving in four dimensions (This is supposed to be confusing, 3D beings can't handle it). These drones were only the prototypes, later The Supreme created billions. This technique is very complicated and requires more processing power than the most powerful single computer in the modern Confederacy. (A side note, The Supreme has thousands of planet-sized quantum computers enhanced with antimatter generators, and it took 50% to actually do this for the first time, the number later dropped to an infinitesimally smalle percentage, but at first, it was strenuous).

In 190200, The Supreme deployed these drones during a battle near a disabled SSPGD. The Drones were outnumbered three thousand to one. The Supreme had little faith that the drones would work, but they were extremely effective. Each drone was able to take down thousands of Seekite ships and cause damage to most of the Seekite capital ships in the area. The Supreme won the battle and was able to retake the SSPGD.


Each drone was able to move in four-dimensional space as they were four-dimensional objects. Therefore one could easily move out of three-dimensional space to be invisible. Then move back into three-dimensional space to fire, and then quickly move back into four-dimensional space. Also, each drone could intercept ships traveling through wormholes and several battles took place within wormholes.


Four-dimensional space and physics are impossible for a biological life form or even a Seeker to actually comprehend. The only way to pilot one is for a very powerful computer to control it. Only entities like DELYATU, The Supreme, or The C.Y.R.E.X could ever hope to pilot one. However, they take tremendous amounts of energy to create, about the power output of a Dyson sphere per second for each kilogram of four-dimensional material created. It takes about 10 seconds worth of power from a Dyson swarm to do the same thing.

Even The Supreme experienced great difficulty when controlling the drones at first, but after practicing and experimenting with four-dimensional physics The Supreme mastered the technique. It takes 1000s of times more processing power per four-dimensional drone than for a three-dimensional drone.

The War for All

The only reason the Supreme was able to turn the tide of the war at all was because of this fleet.

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