The Free Systems of Hivol is an interstellar nation, a splinter of the Confederacy of Borealis, based entirely within the M13 Cluster in Milky Way. It is one of multiple human civilizations within the Galaxy and its surrounding areas which do not answer to the policies made by Earth but are recognized as an official and legitimate government by the Confederacy itself.


The origins of the nation can be traced to the early years of the Second Galactic War, where the Confederacy of Borealis initiated a conscription system in several highly-populated planets in order to combat the Molkor invasion. Some groups refused to join the life-risking war (casualty rates were extremely high in the beginning with little media censorship) and dodged the conscription. In some cases, populations of entire small towns disappeared after the arrival of a starship.

Some of these people (mostly coming from the region of space less than 1,500 but more than 500 light-years from Sol) banded together and gathered in an unmanned system, numbering over a million in multiple large ships and dozens of small ones. With clear punishments and penalties in the case the Confederacy manages to capture them, yet unwilling to risk their lives in combat, the large group which were heavy in young men and women decided to try their luck and venture to the barely-explored M13 cluster, 25 thousand light-years away from their homes and well over ten thousand light-years away from the rest of the galaxy.

The group merged into several large ships (those capable of the most travel distance) and entered FTL. Due to a slight miscommunication, the group was separated into 3 different systems (4 of the 7 ships in the convoy arrived in Hivol, their initial aim). With little fuel remaining, the other 3 ships had to settle down in the 2 separate systems although they maintained normal communications until the vessels were warpworthy once more. In the systems, the immigrants established food production and mining, building some industries slowly. The systems were not in any Confederacy database, and hence the Molkor Invasion entirely bypassed them.

After the war concluded, the Confederacy detected their presence. Not willing to overexert itself just after the massive war ended, they were granted general amnesty (with many others). However, the Hivolians have formed a new culture of sorts and refused to answer to the Confederacy, declaring their independence (which was accepted on 9984 after some political stunts). Within the last 2,000 years, they have focused mainly on intense habitation of their systems, expanding only slowly.


Three-fourths of the total population live within the three first systems (shown in their flag), with just over one-third living on Hivol and other planets in Hivolen. Some of the 11 systems include scarcely populated mining bases or outposts. Nevertheless, they have a much higher system density compared to most other political entities within the galaxy.

They have a self-sustaining economy with relatively little trade connections with the rest of the galaxy, relying instead on local intersystem trade, which on 12498 was valued at 400 Billion C-Units in comparison to 34 Billion with the rest of Milky Way. Their external exports include exotic ores and gemstones, with some luxuries and high-technology equipment in return. A well-distributed welfare systems guarantees the basic needs of their entire population, and regulations limit the growth of megacorporations in favor of smaller companies.

Politics and Government

The Free Systems of Hivol is based on a two-chamber legislative body, one based from political parties and are elected in a direct election held every 6 years while the other are based on independents appointed by each system for 2-year tenures (not necessarily 1 per system). In effect, the three systems have in total just over 50% of the voting power for the entire government.

Their chief executive is known as the Chief Officer, where each system would nominate their candidate and the general populace will vote in directly. The Chief Officer holds power over the military and judicial system, with 5-year periods with a constitutional limit imposed at 15 years.


Due to their origins, the Hivolians dislikes a military presence in general. Nevertheless, they have a significant standing army due to their isolation from the rest of humanity.Their army are trained and equipped significantly better than their counterparts in the rest of the galaxy, despite being much smaller in terms of number. Their entire military consists of volunteers whom are required to pass tricky exams and quite grueling training.

The Hivolian Armed Forces are divided into 6 command regions, each hosting 4 army groups with 10 divisions of 12,000 personnel each. The other members either operate the space bases/vessels or do military research and administration.

While the Hivolians tend to avoid conflict in general, they have been involved in a (relatively local) war and they have sent observers to some major conflicts.

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