The Frontier Probe is an unmanned spacecraft launched in 2068 to explore several planets and moons discovered by Humanity and examine them for signs of life as well as potential future colonization.


The probe uses thrusters to propel itself and has a few smaller ones on the side which allow the craft to change position and direction. It comes equipped with an antenna, some cameras and four small landers.

Frontier is around the size of a small 21st century minibus.

Mission Overview

Frontier was launched from Cape Canaveral in 2068 and performed a high gravitational slingshot around Saturn and then Neptune before leaving the Solar System. After that, it began a 42 year journey to the 111 Tauri system.

First destination: Nueva Terra

Second destination: Planet Xenith

Third destination: Planet Delva




Nueva Terra


Planet Xenith


Planet Delva

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