The Fryda Revolution was a global conflict on the Taans' home world Basaten that killed over a billion people, both military personnel and citizens. The conflict is one of the greatest catastrophes that the Taans have ever witnessed, surpassed enormously by the Galvanian War.

The conflict raged on for nearly a century, bringing the planet to its knees. The largest city, Cristall City, burnt from arson attacks and constant bombings. In the countryside, the explosions and fire lit up the sky and warded off distant watchers. 

As the conflict raged on and cities burned, millions of people attempted to flee the fighting. The Kings and Queens who ruled over the Kingdoms sent their armies to find them, bringing them back into the cities and executing them publicly for betrayal. 

The conflict came to an end in 121174 CE, when protestors grew tired of fighting and pleaded to the Kingdoms for a peace treaty. The last remaining King, as the others were assassinated, met with a group of protestors in a small town to formally end the revolution. An entire generation was traumatised by the conflict, and the survivors were left to rebuild.

The peace treaty was the foundation of the United Kingdoms of Basaten, a government where the Kingdoms were united in their cause to explore and colonise space. 


The word "Fryda" translates to "grand", which reads the conflict as the "Grand Revolution" in Taan culture. 

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