Fujibayashi Antimatter is a mega-corporation founded in Japan responsible for the vast majority of Antimatter production in the local universe. The company is a subsidiary of Fujibayashi LLC, and the main source of revenue for the LLC.


Itsuki Fujibayashi developed a highly compact particle accelerator in 2111. The device created antimatter efficiently and at a much faster rate than any other production method at the time. Fujibayashi took out a loan and founded his start-up company in 2121. His start-up quickly grew as orders for antimatter began to flow in. The company went public in 2142 with Fujibayashi as the CEO and majority shareholder.


After going public, the company quickly expanded, creating dozens of production facilities across Japan. Due to the destructive nature of antimatter, the company was mandated to build its facilities in orbital factories, or on baren areas of the then unterraformed moon. Over time the company would absorb rivaling companies. Booker Accelerators and Twórca Antymaterii were two companies that were bought out by Fujibayashi Antimatter.

After the death of Fujibayashi his son, Hiroki Fujibayashi became the CEO in 2201.

The company expanded and spread with humanity. Selling to colonists, governments, private citizens, weapons manufacturers, and energy production companies. Several alien states also began to purchase antimatter from Fujibayashi Antimatter.

In 12983, Fujibayashi Antimatter purchased the planet Jophtio and the system it was in. This planet became the main storage facility for Fujibayashi Antimatter's then legal Strange Matter. In 15003, an accident resulted in the entire planet being consumed by Strange Matter. This accident resulted in an international ban on the production of Strange matter, however this did little to stop Fujibayashi Antimatter's production. The company began selling it in secret to many individuals and even governments, with their largest customer being The Supreme.

Eventually, the company took an interest in the production of exotic matter, because of its uses in artificial gravity and wormhole construction. The company began to buy every mining facility it could, eventually owning the vast majority of production in the universe.

The company would sell to any side in a conflict and would pledge a strict stance of neutrality. Any attempt to prevent the neutrality was met with strict antimatter sanctions on the offending entity. Fujibayashi Antimatter has a virtual monopoly on antimatter production, so if they were to stop selling antimatter to an entity, it would quickly run out and would have nowhere else to go for their antimatter needs.


Fujibasyashi Antimatter has three main philosophies. One is to sell cheap antimatter, strange matter, and exotic matter. Two is to be the only company doing this. Three is to be neutral above all else. All of these philosophies are better described as goals and have been consistently achieved for thousands of years.



Fujibayashi Antimatter is one of the largest companies in the Borealis Cluster, and has consistently been in the top 15 largest companies since the year 3076. Currently, the company has a revenue of 766 Octillion C-Units.

Secret deals

Just like any secretive organization, Fujibayashi Antimatter has many secretive deals with various entities.

The Supreme

Fujibayashi Antimatter does not know that it is dealing with an Artifical Intelligence, the company thinks that it is dealing with the Tloinan Empire (a pseudonym for The Supreme). The deal is that the Supreme supplies cheap construction drones or satellites and in return receives large amounts of Strange matter from Fujibayashi Antimatter. The deal is a secret to prevent the public from knowing about the company's Strange matter.

Empire of Nihon

The inhabitants of this empire are so widely disgusted and hated, that Fujibayashi Antimatter had to sell to them in secret. Their business deals had to be secret, or the company would lose a large amount of credibility and have its reputation nearly destroyed.  "These Shinja are a disgrace to Japan. I would never speak to one, nor would I ever want to know one. However, they have money and are willing to give it to us. Therefore we will gladly sell to them, for a slightly increased price of course." -Taiga Fujibayashi CEO


The Templars are a race of robots inhabiting the Andromeda I galaxy. Most corporations refuse to do business with them due to humanity's general distrust of artificial intelligence. This stigma does not stop Fujibayashi antimatter from selling to them, however. The Templars do not have much money, so instead, they trade things like drones and raw materials for the antimatter. Which Fujibayashi antimatter can then resell for a higher price.

The Commonwealth

Surprisingly, Fujibayashi Antimatter has made countless deals with private companies in The Commonwealth. This has given them a large surplus of exotic matter, and makes them a high importer of antimatter. Strange matter is also being sold to the military, in order to gain more power in remote regions.

Security Force

Antimatter is a very valuable substance, at about 500 C-Units per kilogram, so it is natural that pirates would want to steal it. When the company first started shipping antimatter, it had to hire private security forces to protect the valuable shipments. This went on for millennia, until the current CEO, Taiga Fujibayashi, purchased large amounts of surplus ships from The War For All. These ships defend the antimatter freighters from pirates and even remnants of The Seekers.

The fleet currently is made up of this number of ships.

  • 1.2 Billion Starfighters
  • 1 Billion Corvettes
  • 500 Million Frigates
  • 100 Thousand Destroyers
  • 107 Cruisers
  • 10 Battleships
  • 40 Trillion Freighters
  • 302 Billion Super Freighters
  • 3 Titan Freighters

This navy puts Fujibayashi Antimatter as the 27th largest navy in the Borealis Cluster.

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