Deadmans pox

The Neo-Terran Domain

The Neo-Terran Intergalactic hegemony was heavily impacted by the Deadmans pox. Countless neo-terrans died from the disease; with an estimated ¼ of the entire population dead by 250k. This caused the Neo-Terrans to split; culturally and nationally and in 255k The neo-Teran Intergalactic hegemony collapsed and fell into civil war. It was only in 263k, 4 thousand years after the terraforming threat had been vanquished that the neo-terrans United under a shaky government called the Neo-Terran Domain. Although, The Neo-Terran Domain is rarely united; fighting many wars and battles within itself. The only time the Neo-Terran Domain acts as a single entity is when an outside power presents itself as a large enough threat for the neo-terrans to call for a crusade.

Neo-Terran Void dwellers 5%

The Neo-Terran Void dwellers are peaceful and rarely encountered subculture of the Neo-Terrans. During the age of peril; when NTIH was being ravaged by the Deadmans pox, a large amount of Neo-Terrans chose to leave the light of stars and planets and enter the abyss that is intergalactic space. Constructing massive artificificial planets called “Oasis Spheres” they ventured into dark space; acting as hermits rarely contacting the outside world. The Neo-Terran Void dwellers are mostly ignored by other subcultures as the void dwellers pose no real threat to them, and locating the spheres would be a nightmare in the endless void of intergalactic space.

The Oasis spheres the void dwellers inhabit are some of the biggest constructs ever built in the universe. With each sphere being about the size of earth, they could house up to 100 Quadrillion people. A sphere is basically a giant city, spanning from the cold surface to the deep core of the artificial planet. 

Neo-Terran Nomads  0.1%

The Neo-Terran Nomads are a barbaric subculture of the Neo-terrans. Surviving through the age of peril by raiding planets outside and inside the Hegemony, they are thought of as barbarians and criminals by all other Neo-Terran Subcultures. Although by far the smallest subculture, the vast majority of Neo-Terran Nomads are warriors, making them a formidable threat to other Neo-Terrans. Neo-Terran Nomads only survive by raiding planets, as they don’t settle down on any planets of their own. Although massive, the fleet of the nomads are usually just stolen or derelict ships that are usually crude or outdated. Sometimes, the Nomads would even strap weapons on civilian ships and send them into war. 

Even though the rest of the Neo-Terran subcultures had been fighting a constant war with the nomads for an untold number of years, they still linger on the frontiers of galaxies, raiding undefended planets and terrorizing local populations.

Neo-Terran Traditionalists 40%

The Neo-Terran Traditionalists believe in the restoration of the old hegemony. The Traditionalists strive for the old ways, and frown upon the other cultures which they believe are barbaric and anti Neo-terran. Being the remnants of old NTIH, they are the leader of the Neo-Terran domain. Although unfriendly to other subcultures, the Traditionalists are respected among all Neo-Terrans, with even the Nomads preferring not to raid their worlds. The Traditionalists harbor the largest military, and it frequently supports other neo-terran cultures during times of war.

Neo-Terran Theists 14.9%

The Neo-Terran Theists are similar to the Traditionalists except they are extremely religious. Believing their emperor is a living god, they blindly follow any of his orders, and are hostile to those who oppose him. The Theists and the Khanates are bloody rivals, and are in an almost constant state of war.

The Neo-Terran Theists believe it is their right to tame and “Civilize” the universe, and frequently sends exoduses to colonize galaxies abandoned due to the age of peril. It is because of this that they are the lead colonizers in the greater Neo-Terran Domain.

Neo-Terran Khanates 40%

The Neo-Terran Khanate is the most militaristic subculture of the Neo-Terrans, constantly battling with its neighbors and itself. The Khanates are not one entity, but thousands that all have their views, cultures and thirst for conquest. 

The Sub-khanates can vary in size from a nation state on a planet; to multiple galaxies, which can make diplomacy with the collective culture a nightmare. What they all have in common, however is their materialistic tendencies. They view religion as a weakness, and as such are always trying to destroy the theists. The Khanates control most Neo-Terran Industry, and if they were not constantly at war they would be the strongest military power.

Knights of Terra

The Knights of Terra are very mysterious and not a lot is really known about them. A lot of Neo-Terrans even believe they don't exist, being a legend or myth spawned by the horror of the age of peril. However, there is evidence that they do exist as a secret society, only rising if the entire Neo-Terran Identity is at risk.

Neo-Terran Vassal States:

Reformed COF

Formed out of the ashes of the Confederacy, the Reformed COF is a small but formidable power. The Reformed COF is considered a more progressive state compared to its highly xenophobic overlords; prefering to enslave Xenos and subhumans instead of killing them.


Revised Publisian bloc

The Revised Publisian bloc is a vassal state controlling all Neo-Terran territory in the milky way. Controlling the territory of the old Publisians, the citizens living in the bloc are highly patriotic and consider themselves as the ancestors of all Neo-Terrans. The bloc has colonized a few galaxies here and there but they mostly focus on improving their territory in the milky way. Publisian citizens are some of the richest in the entire Neo-Terran Domain.

Other Vassals

These vassals are very identical to the traditionalist culture, and do not differ greatly from it. The only reason they are vassals in the first place is that they are too far from the main territory to be directly controlled. It is because of this that they have a very high level of autonomy

Neo-Reman Empire 

Neo-Roedean Empire

The United Terran Provinces

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