Fuukanism is one of the most common religions in the universe with over 20 septillion adherents. It is mostly practiced in The Empyrean Province of The Alkan Intendancy. It was founded by Molonov, on the planet Alphos. Fuukanism is an organized religion, controlled by The Church of the High Pantheon.

The Charter

The beliefs of Fuukanism are written in a book located on Alphos. It was said that Molonov himself wrote the book. The actual book, simply called 'The Charter" is hidden away in the central temple on Alphos, hidden from view for thousands of years. The Charter most likely doesn't exist, try as the Church might to claim it does.

 Belief System

The Church believes that Gravity, The Strong and Weak Force, Electromagnetism, Time, Mass, Energy, and Order are the 8 gods of the universe. With Entropy, Dark Energy, and Decay being the 3 'antigods.'

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