"I am not sure why you wish to go to the capital of their empire, child. I have been there, and I will simply say this: If you can look at what's there and not eat yourself hollow with shame, you are simply not human anymore."
Sebastian Michaels, priest of Earth (9968 CE)

Gabriel is a planet located in Mayall's Object and the planet-capital of the Holy Church of God. Although large cities with Gothic architecture are sparsely scattered across its surface, the capital of the planet itself is a small rural settlement a hundred miles away from the largest city on the planet.

The followers of the Holy Church of God are maniacally devoted and loyal to their as of yet unknown leader and the word of the so-called God he speaks of. Most of them are completely insane and cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy anymore, mostly due to the hallucinogens in Gabriel's atmosphere that were not detected by the first colonists to settle upon this world. They follow a religious text written by their leader that calls him God's prophet and is also heavy with sexual, gory, and psychedelic imagery, in addition to religious imagery. While some members of the cult relish in killing their own children to prevent the birth of the Anti-Christ, others deeply regret what they've done and hate themselves and the leader of the cult for committing and ordering such an atrocity, fleeing the empire to join other societies. Ultimately, a combination of madness, guilt and a noticeable decline in their faith in the figurehead of the cult and his God could result in a downward spiral of insanity, failure, and mass genocide until a massive revolt begins on all sides, with Gabriel at its center.

A revolt that would tear the planet apart.

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