Gaia is a temperate Me-Class planet located within the Thulcandran Federation and located around 46.4 light years from Thulcandra. It was also the first planet on which the Terrashaping technology was used and one of the copies of Earth made. Gaia is also one of the first Sanctuary Planets created for Baseline Humans.


Gaia formed out of Solus' planetary disc around 3.5 billion years ago. It failed to form any life, and remained a temperate D-Class for billions of years until it was selected as a prime candidate for the Terrashaping technology.


Gaia as it was before terrashaping

On August 25, 10111 CE, the process of Terrashaping began on Gaia and was completed in 10265 CE. The world was then inundated with colonists from many different worlds from the Federation as well as people from the original Earth.

The first colonists settled in North America and immediately called for the transfer of government from Thulcadra to Gaia. This was immediately rejected by majority vote among others in the Federation. Gaia then began to grow into one of the more influential planets within the Federation.

Over the centuries, many of the historic sites from the original Earth were recreated on Gaia, including famous cities such as Paris, New York, Hong Kong and more.

Currently, Gaia stands as a shining example of the ingenuity and creativity of humanity as well as a place where Baseline Humans can flourish.

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